Elex 2 Thieves Guild – how to join? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Thieves Guild - how to join? Campaign and quests

In Elex 2, there is a faction called the Thieves Guild that you can join. To join the Thieves Guild, you will need to complete a specific questline and meet certain requirements. Here’s a general guide on how to join the Thieves Guild:

Find the Thieves Guild: Explore the game world and look for NPCs or information that may lead you to the Thieves Guild. They may be hiding in a specific area or have connections to other factions or characters.

Complete the initiation quest: Once you find the Thieves Guild, they will usually have an initiation quest or a series of quests for you to complete. These quests might involve tasks such as stealing valuable items, performing stealthy actions, or proving your skills as a thief.

Gain their trust: During the initiation questline, make choices that align with the interests and values of the Thieves Guild. Show your proficiency in thievery, sneakiness, and other related skills. This will help you gain their trust and increase your standing with the faction.

Carry out additional quests: After completing the initiation quest(s), the Thieves Guild may have more quests for you to undertake. These quests will allow you to further prove your loyalty and commitment to the faction.

By following these steps and successfully completing the required quests, you should be able to join the Thieves Guild in Elex 2. Remember, joining a faction can have significant consequences and impact the overall story and gameplay, so choose wisely!

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