Elex 2 The beginning of the game, how to survive? Campaign, quests

Elex 2 The beginning of the game, how to survive? Campaign, quests

Surviving the beginning of Elex 2 can be challenging, but with some strategic approaches, you can increase your chances of success. Here are some tips to help you survive the early stages of the game:

Choose your battles wisely: Avoid engaging in fights with powerful enemies or groups until you have gained some experience, better equipment, and improved combat skills. Focus on fighting weaker enemies and completing easier quests to build up your character’s strength.

Explore cautiously: The game world of Elex 2 can be dangerous, especially in the beginning. Be mindful of your surroundings and be prepared for encounters with hostile creatures and factions. Keep an eye out for safer areas, and use stealth to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Level up and upgrade your skills: As you gain experience points, level up, and earn skill points, invest them wisely in your character’s skills and abilities. Prioritize combat skills, survival skills, and any other skills that align with your chosen playstyle.

Utilize consumables and healing items: Keep a stock of healing items, potions, and other consumables to restore your health and increase your chances of survival during battles. Use them strategically to stay alive in tough situations.

Join a faction: Aligning with a faction can provide you with support, resources, and quests that can aid your survival. Choose a faction that suits your playstyle and objectives and work towards earning their favor and assistance.

Complete side quests and explore: Engage in side quests, talk to NPCs, and explore the game world thoroughly. Side quests can provide valuable rewards, experience points, and opportunities to improve your character.

Manage your resources: Keep an eye on your resources, such as ammunition, health restoratives, and equipment durability. Use them wisely and consider crafting or looting to obtain additional supplies.

Remember, surviving in Elex 2 requires patience, strategy, and careful planning. Take your time, learn the game mechanics, and gradually build up your character’s strength and abilities.

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