Elex 2 Striker from the Fort – pay him or not? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Striker from the Fort - pay him or not? Campaign and quests

In Elex 2, you will encounter Striker, a character from the Fort, who asks for payment in exchange for information or services. Whether you choose to pay him or not is ultimately up to you and your personal playstyle and character choices.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to pay Striker or not:

Value of the information or service: Evaluate the importance and usefulness of the information or service that Striker is offering. Will it significantly impact your gameplay, provide valuable insights, or help you progress in the game? If so, it might be worth considering paying him.

Availability of alternatives: Consider if there are alternative ways to obtain the same information or service without paying Striker. If there are other viable options, you may choose not to pay and explore those alternatives instead.

Resources and finances: Take into account your in-game resources, finances, and priorities. If you have plenty of currency or resources to spare, paying Striker might not be a significant burden. However, if you’re low on funds or have other pressing needs, you may choose to save your resources and find another solution.

Role-playing considerations: Think about the role and personality of your character. Would they be willing to pay for information or services, or do they prefer to find solutions through other means? Consider how your character’s values and motivations align with the decision to pay or not pay.

Ultimately, the choice to pay Striker or not will have consequences, but it’s important to make a decision that feels right for your character and playstyle.

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