Elex 2 Stealth Full guide

Elex 2 Stealth Full guide

Stealth is a valuable gameplay element in “Elex 2” that allows you to approach situations covertly, remain undetected, and gain advantages in combat and exploration. Here are some tips and mechanics related to stealth in the game:

Stealth Skills and Attributes:

Stealth: Invest skill points in the Stealth skill to enhance your stealth abilities. This improves your chances of remaining undetected and unlocks additional stealth-related abilities.
Dexterity and Cunning: Attributes like Dexterity and Cunning can boost your stealth effectiveness by increasing your movement speed, agility, and critical hit chances from stealth attacks.
Sneaking and Detection:

Crouch and Sneak: Use the crouch command to enter a sneaking mode. This lowers your visibility and reduces the noise you make while moving.
Line of Sight and Noise: Stay out of the line of sight of enemies, especially those with heightened awareness. Avoid running or making excessive noise, which can attract attention.
Environmental Factors: Use the environment to your advantage by hiding behind objects, vegetation, or in shadows to remain unseen.

Pickpocket NPCs: Approach NPCs discreetly and interact with them to initiate the pickpocketing action. This allows you to steal items from their inventory, but be careful not to get caught.
Hiding and Diversion: If an NPC becomes suspicious or detects your presence while pickpocketing, quickly hide or create a diversion to divert their attention.
Stealth Takedowns and Silent Weapons:

Silent Takedowns: Sneak up on enemies from behind to perform silent takedowns. This eliminates them without alerting nearby foes.
Silent Weapons: Equip silent weapons such as knives, crossbows, or silenced firearms to dispatch enemies without drawing unnecessary attention.
Stealth and Quests:

Stealth Approach: Many quests in “Elex 2” offer the flexibility to complete objectives using stealth. Use your stealth skills to bypass enemies, infiltrate areas unnoticed, or gather information covertly.
Stealth Dialogue Options: During conversations, your stealth skills may unlock special dialogue options that can provide alternative solutions, avoid conflicts, or gather additional information.
Consumables and Abilities:

Stealth Enhancing Consumables: Utilize potions, food, or consumables that enhance your stealth abilities, such as temporary invisibility or reduced noise generation.
Stealth Abilities: Invest in stealth-related abilities that grant bonuses to sneaking, critical hit chances, or movement speed while undetected.
Remember that some enemies may be more perceptive or resistant to stealth, so plan your approach accordingly. Additionally, your choice of faction can impact stealth options and abilities, as factions have different strengths and playstyles.

Embrace the stealth mechanics in “Elex 2” to gain the element of surprise, complete quests with finesse, and approach combat situations on your own terms.

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