Elex 2 Stealing and breaking the law Full guide

Elex 2 Stealing and breaking the law Full guide

In “Elex 2,” you have the option to engage in stealing and breaking the law, but be aware that there may be consequences for your actions. Here’s some information on stealing and its potential impact in the game:

Stealing Mechanics: Stealing in “Elex 2” typically involves taking items from NPCs, containers, or restricted areas without permission. You can attempt to pickpocket NPCs or loot containers that belong to others.

Pickpocketing: To pickpocket NPCs, approach them discreetly and interact with them. You’ll have the option to steal items from their inventory. Pickpocketing success depends on factors such as your Stealth skill level, the NPC’s awareness, and any related abilities or consumables you have.

Looting Restricted Containers: Some containers may be considered restricted, requiring you to bypass locks or security measures to access them. Use lockpicks or hacking devices to open these containers and claim their contents. Be cautious, as there may be consequences for being caught.

Consequences of Stealing:

Reputation: Engaging in stealing can negatively impact your reputation with factions or individuals. If you are caught stealing from a faction, their members may become hostile or refuse to interact with you.
Bounties: Repeated thefts or being caught stealing may result in bounties being placed on your head. This can lead to hostile encounters with guards, mercenaries, or bounty hunters who will try to apprehend or eliminate you.
Quest Outcomes: Stealing or getting caught may affect the outcome of certain quests, potentially closing off opportunities or leading to different consequences.
Reaction of NPCs: NPCs may react differently if they witness you stealing or notice items missing. They may become hostile, report the theft, or alter their interactions with you.
Stealth and Evasion:

Utilize stealth skills and abilities to improve your chances of stealing without being detected.
Be mindful of NPCs’ sightlines and their awareness levels. Try to steal when they are distracted or have their backs turned.
Use consumables or abilities that enhance your stealth or provide temporary invisibility to avoid detection.
Remember, stealing in “Elex 2” is an action that carries consequences. Consider the potential risks and rewards before engaging in illegal activities. Be prepared to face the repercussions, such as damaged reputation, hostile encounters, or altered quest outcomes.

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