Elex 2 Specialization – how to use?

Elex 2 Specialization - how to use?

In Elex 2, specializations allow players to focus and specialize in specific skills, abilities, or playstyles. By selecting a specialization, players can enhance their character’s effectiveness in certain areas and unlock unique abilities. Here’s how you can use specializations in Elex 2:

Choosing a Specialization: As you progress through the game, you will have opportunities to choose a specialization for your character. These choices may be influenced by your faction alignment, story decisions, or specific quests. Specializations can range from combat-focused roles like melee, ranged, or magic, to more specialized roles like crafting, stealth, or leadership.

Specialization Skills and Abilities: Each specialization comes with its own set of skills and abilities. These can include passive bonuses, active abilities, or unique actions that are tailored to the chosen specialization. For example, if you specialize in melee combat, you may gain access to powerful weapon techniques or increased damage with specific weapon types.

Progressing in Your Specialization: To further develop your chosen specialization, you’ll need to invest skill points or experience into relevant skills and abilities. These points are typically earned through combat, completing quests, or specific actions related to your specialization. By investing in your specialization, you can unlock new abilities, improve existing ones, and become more proficient in your chosen playstyle.

Synergizing with Faction or Companion Specializations: Depending on your faction alignment and the companions you recruit, you may have the opportunity to synergize your specialization with those of your allies. This can result in additional benefits, cooperative abilities, or strategic advantages during combat or other gameplay situations.

Experimentation and Adaptation: Specializations are not set in stone, and you can experiment with different skills and abilities to find the playstyle that suits you best. If you find that your chosen specialization doesn’t align with your preferred gameplay approach, you can adapt and reallocate your skill points to explore other specializations or hybrid builds.

Remember, the specifics of specializations in Elex 2 may vary depending on the game’s design and updates. It’s always recommended to refer to in-game guides, dialogue, and instructions to understand the available specializations and how to utilize them effectively for your character’s growth and progression.

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