Elex 2 Skills – how to get?

Elex 2 Skills - how to get?

In Elex 2, skills play a crucial role in shaping your character’s abilities and playstyle. Here’s how you can acquire and improve skills in the game:

Skill Points: Skill points are the primary resource used to acquire and improve skills. You earn skill points as you level up your character by gaining experience points (XP) through combat, quest completion, and other activities. Each time you level up, you will receive a skill point to allocate towards learning or improving skills.

Skill Trees: Elex 2 typically features a skill tree system, where skills are organized into different branches or categories. These skill trees represent various aspects of your character’s abilities, such as combat, magic, stealth, or crafting. Each branch focuses on specific types of skills, allowing you to specialize in particular areas.

Learning Skills: To acquire new skills, you need to find skill trainers or specific NPCs who can teach you. They are usually located in settlements, cities, or faction headquarters. Interact with them and choose the option to learn new skills. They will present you with a list of skills from the corresponding skill tree, and you can spend your skill points to unlock and learn the desired skills.

Skill Requirements: Some skills may have prerequisites or requirements that need to be met before you can learn them. These requirements can include reaching a certain level, having a minimum attribute level, or having learned specific prerequisite skills. Pay attention to skill descriptions to understand any prerequisites needed to unlock certain skills.

Skill Upgrades: Skills can often be upgraded to enhance their effectiveness. By investing additional skill points into already learned skills, you can improve their potency, unlock additional effects, or reduce cooldowns. Upgrading skills allows you to further specialize and customize your character’s abilities.

Faction-specific Skills: Depending on your faction alignment, you may have access to faction-specific skills. Joining a particular faction and progressing in their ranks can grant you access to unique skills tailored to that faction’s playstyle or philosophy. Interact with faction leaders or trainers to learn these faction-specific skills.

Experimentation and Respec: Elex 2 may offer the option to respec your skills, allowing you to reallocate previously spent skill points. This allows you to experiment with different skill combinations and adapt your character’s abilities to your evolving playstyle. Look for opportunities to respec your skills if you want to explore new builds or optimize your character’s capabilities.

Remember to consult in-game guides, dialogues, and tooltips to understand the specific skill system in Elex 2, as mechanics and features may vary. Additionally, make sure to consider your character’s build, playstyle, and desired specialization when choosing and upgrading skills to create a character that suits your preferences.

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