Elex 2 Skill Trainers Map Guide

Elex 2 Skill Trainers Map Guide

Explore Major Settlements: Skill trainers are often found in major settlements or cities within the game. These locations typically have a variety of NPCs offering different services, including skill training.

Talk to NPCs: Interact with the NPCs you come across in settlements. They may provide information about skill trainers or direct you to the appropriate person.

Check Faction Headquarters: Each faction in Elex 2 has its own headquarters or main base. These locations often have trainers who specialize in the faction’s specific skills and abilities.

Complete Faction Quests: Progressing through faction quests can unlock access to unique trainers and specialized skills. Pay attention to the quests and dialogue to discover new training opportunities.

Visit Training Grounds or Academies: Some trainers may be located in specific training grounds or academies affiliated with certain factions or skill types. Keep an eye out for these dedicated training areas.

Seek Out Unique Trainers: Elex 2 may feature unique trainers scattered throughout the game world, offering specialized or advanced skills. These trainers are often found in remote or hidden locations, so exploration is key.

Remember to check your map, interact with NPCs, and pay attention to dialogue and quest information to find skill trainers. They can help you improve your character’s abilities and unlock new skills to enhance your gameplay experience.

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