Elex 2 Scrap – how to get?

Elex 2 Scrap - how to get?

In Elex 2, scrap is a common resource used for crafting, trading, and purchasing items. Here are some ways to acquire scrap in the game:

Loot: Search chests, containers, and defeated enemies to find scrap. Lootable objects and enemies often drop scrap as a common resource that can be collected.

Salvaging: Disassemble unwanted items or equipment at a workbench or similar crafting station to obtain scrap. This allows you to break down items you no longer need into their component parts, including scrap, which can be used for crafting or traded for other items.

Trading and Selling: Engage in trading with merchants, vendors, or other NPCs. You can sell unwanted items, equipment, or resources in exchange for scrap. Additionally, some merchants may accept specific items or resources as payment for scrap, allowing you to convert excess inventory into valuable scrap currency.

Completing Quests: Many quests, both main story quests and side quests, offer scrap as a reward upon completion. Pay attention to quest rewards and choose quests that provide valuable resources like scrap.

Exploration: Thoroughly explore the game world and its various locations. Hidden stashes, abandoned structures, or hidden caches can contain scrap as a reward for discovering them.

Resource Nodes: Some areas in the game world may have resource nodes that can be harvested for scrap or other valuable resources. Keep an eye out for these nodes and interact with them to gather scrap.

Stealing: In certain situations, you may be able to steal scrap or valuable items from NPCs, containers, or secure locations. However, be cautious, as stealing can have consequences if you are caught by the game’s authorities or vigilant NPCs.

It’s important to note that the specific mechanics and opportunities to acquire scrap in Elex 2 may differ from the examples provided. For accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to refer to in-game guides, tooltips, and instructions once the game has been released.

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