Elex 2 Quests – how to track? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Quests - how to track? Campaign and quests

To track quests in Elex 2, you can use the quest tracking feature built into the game. Here’s how you can track quests:

Elex 2 Quests

Open the quest log: Access the quest log by opening the game menu. The specific button or key to access the menu may vary depending on the platform you are playing on (PC, console, etc.).

Navigate to the quests section: Within the game menu, find the section dedicated to quests. It is usually labeled as “Quest Log” or “Journal.”

Select the quest: Browse through the list of quests available to you and select the quest you want to track. This will bring up more detailed information about the selected quest.

Activate quest tracking: Within the quest details, there should be an option to track or activate the quest. This will set the selected quest as your active quest, and you will see markers, objectives, or other indicators on your screen to help you navigate and progress through the quest.

Follow the quest markers: Once the quest is tracked, you will typically see markers or indicators on your map or compass that guide you towards quest objectives or NPCs related to the quest. Simply follow these markers to stay on track with the quest.

By tracking quests in Elex 2, you can easily keep tabs on your objectives, progress, and any important information related to your ongoing quests.

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