Elex 2 Previous game – do I need to play? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Previous game - do I need to play? Campaign and quests

No, it is not necessary to play the previous game, Elex 2, in order to enjoy and understand Elex 2. While Elex 2 continues the story of the Elex 2 universe, it is designed as a standalone game with its own self-contained narrative.

However, playing the first game can provide you with a deeper understanding of the world, lore, and characters of the Elex 2 universe. It can also give you additional context for the events and references in Elex 2. If you’re interested in exploring the backstory and experiencing the events leading up to Elex 2, playing Elex can be a worthwhile choice. But rest assured, you can still fully enjoy and understand Elex 2 without playing the previous game.

In Elex 2, Dex is a significant character and a companion that you can encounter and interact with. While I don’t have specific information about Dex’s fate in the game

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