Elex 2 Ore – how to mine?

Elex 2 Ore - how to mine?

In Elex 2, mining ore is an essential activity for gathering resources. Here’s how you can mine ore in the game:

Find a mining node: Look for rock formations or deposits that have a shimmering or glowing appearance. These are usually indicators of mining nodes that contain valuable ore.

Equip a mining tool: To mine ore, you’ll need to equip a mining tool. The basic mining tool is called a pickaxe, and you can obtain it by purchasing one from merchants or looting it from defeated enemies.

Approach the mining node: Once you’ve found a mining node, approach it and position yourself near it.

Activate mining tool: Interact with the mining node by pressing the appropriate button or key to activate your mining tool.

Mine the ore: After activating your mining tool, use it to strike the mining node. Each strike will yield a certain amount of ore. Continue striking the mining node until it is depleted.

Collect the ore: Once the mining node is depleted, the ore will be automatically added to your inventory.

Keep in mind that different types of ore might require different mining tools or skills to extract. As you progress through the game, you may encounter more advanced mining tools or acquire skills that enhance your mining abilities.

Mining can be a rewarding activity as it provides valuable resources for crafting, trading, and upgrading equipment. So, be sure to explore the game world and search for mining nodes to gather precious ore.

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