Elex 2 Monster with a skull – how to kill? Full Guide

Elex 2 Monster with a skull - how to kill? Full Guide

Encountering monsters with a skull icon in Elex 2 indicates that they are significantly stronger than your character’s current level. While defeating them can be challenging, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips on how to take on these formidable foes:

Level Up: Before attempting to fight a monster with a skull icon, it’s advisable to level up your character. Engage in side quests, explore the game world, and defeat lower-level enemies to gain experience points. Leveling up will increase your character’s attributes, skills, and abilities, making you more capable of facing tougher opponents.

Improve Your Equipment: Upgrade and optimize your gear. Find or purchase stronger weapons, armor, and accessories that provide better damage output, defense, and other bonuses. Enhancing your equipment can significantly increase your chances of defeating powerful monsters.

Utilize Consumables: Make use of consumable items during the battle. Healing potions, buff potions, grenades, and other utility items can provide temporary advantages that help you survive and deal damage. Experiment with different types of consumables to find what works best against specific enemies.

Learn Enemy Patterns: Observe the attack patterns and behaviors of the monster with a skull icon. Understanding their moves can help you anticipate and dodge their attacks effectively. Patience and timing are crucial when fighting strong adversaries.

Exploit Weaknesses: Some monsters may have specific weaknesses that can be exploited. Experiment with different types of damage, elemental effects, or weapon types to find what works best against them. For example, certain enemies might be vulnerable to fire or take extra damage from slashing weapons.

Use Crowd Control: Employ crowd control abilities or tactics to gain an advantage. Stun, freeze, or slow down the monster with a skull icon to create openings for attacks or to reposition yourself during the battle.

Bring Companions: Recruit companions to assist you in the fight. Companions can provide additional damage, distraction, or support during challenging battles. Their abilities and skills can complement your own, increasing your chances of success.

Save Often: Save your progress regularly before engaging in battles with tough enemies. This way, if the fight becomes overwhelming or you make a mistake, you can reload and try different strategies without losing too much progress.

Remember, taking down monsters with a skull icon might require multiple attempts and experimentation. If you find the fight too difficult or frustrating, consider coming back later when your character is more powerful and better equipped.

Good luck in your battles against formidable foes in Elex 2!

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