Elex 2 material – what is it for?

Elex 2 material - what is it for?

In Elex 2, materials are resources that are used for various purposes, such as crafting, upgrading equipment, and trading. While the specific details of material usage in Elex 2 are not available to me as my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, I can provide you with some general information on how materials are typically used in RPG games:

Crafting: Materials are often essential for crafting items, weapons, armor, or consumables. By gathering specific combinations of materials, you can create new items or upgrade existing ones. Crafting typically takes place at crafting stations or workbenches.

Upgrading Equipment: Some materials may be used to enhance and upgrade your equipment, such as weapons or armor. By combining specific materials with the desired equipment, you can improve their stats, add enchantments, or unlock new abilities.

Trading and Bartering: Certain NPCs or merchants in the game world may accept materials as a form of currency or trade. You can exchange materials for other valuable items, equipment, or services.

Quest Objectives: Materials may be required as quest items or objectives. You may need to collect specific materials to progress in certain quests, unlock new areas, or interact with NPCs.

Resource Management: Materials often serve as a means of resource management and inventory control. Collecting and managing different types of materials allows you to plan and strategize your crafting, upgrades, and trading activities effectively.

Economy and Crafting Economy: In some games, materials play a role in the overall economy and crafting economy. The availability and demand for specific materials can fluctuate, affecting their value and trade dynamics in the game world.

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