Elex 2 Map Pieces Full Guide

Elex 2 Map Pieces Full Guide

Explore the Game World: Map pieces can be found in various locations throughout Elex 2. Take the time to thoroughly explore the game world, including cities, dungeons, and outdoor areas. Investigate every nook and cranny, as map pieces can be hidden in chests, on corpses, or tucked away in hidden areas.

Complete Quests: Some quests in Elex 2 may reward you with map pieces. Pay attention to quest dialogue and objectives, as they may lead you to locations where map pieces are located.

Interact with NPCs: Talk to the NPCs you encounter, as they may provide information about the whereabouts of map pieces. NPCs might give you hints, point you towards specific areas, or even sell map pieces directly.

Join Factions: Joining a faction in Elex 2 can grant you access to faction-specific areas and quests that may lead to map pieces. Progress through the faction’s storyline and complete quests to uncover map pieces.

Seek Hidden Areas: Elex 2 is known for its hidden areas and secret locations. Keep an eye out for hidden entrances, secret passages, or areas that require solving puzzles to access. These hidden locations often contain valuable loot, including map pieces.

Follow Clues: Some map pieces in Elex 2 may require you to follow clues or solve puzzles to locate them. Pay attention to any hints, riddles, or information provided in the game world or during quests that may lead you to the next piece.

Remember to be thorough in your exploration and to check all possible sources of information, such as NPCs, quests, and hidden areas. Keep track of your progress and consult any in-game maps or notes you may have.

For more detailed information on specific map piece locations, I recommend consulting official game guides, community forums, or dedicated Elex 2 websites, which often provide comprehensive guides and maps to assist you in your search for map pieces.

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