Elex 2 Major cities – where are they? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Major cities - where are they? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 features several major cities that you can explore throughout the game. Here are some of the notable cities and their general locations:

The Hort: Located in the Abessa region, which is the starting area of the game.
The Fort: Situated in the Tavar region, to the east of Abessa.
The Outlaws’ Den: This city is found in the Ignadon region, located in the volcanic area to the northwest.
The Domed City: Located in the city of Goliet in the Edan region, to the south of Abessa.
The Hybrid City: This city can be found in the Xacor region, which is in the northern part of the map.
These cities serve as hubs for various factions, quests, and activities in Elex 2. They offer unique environments, characters, and storylines for players to explore and engage with.

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