Elex 2 Magic – how to unlock?

Elex 2 Magic - how to unlock?

In the game Elex 2, the player can unlock magical abilities by following certain steps and making specific choices within the game. Here are the general steps to unlock magic in Elex 2:

Join the Berserkers or the Clerics: In Elex 2, there are several factions to join, including the Berserkers and the Clerics. To unlock magic, you need to align yourself with either of these factions.

Gain Faction Reputation: Once you have chosen a faction, you need to increase your reputation with them. Complete quests, help faction members, and follow their ideology to gain reputation points.

Complete Faction Quests: Progress through the main storyline and complete faction-specific quests assigned by your chosen faction. These quests will often involve proving your loyalty and dedication to the faction’s cause.

Reach a Certain Faction Rank: As you gain reputation and complete faction quests, you will eventually reach a specific rank within your chosen faction. The exact rank required to unlock magic may vary depending on the faction.

Obtain the Magic Focus: Once you have reached the required rank, you will be given a magic focus or a similar item by your faction. This item is crucial for harnessing magical abilities in the game.

Learn Magic from Trainers: With the magic focus in your possession, you can now seek out trainers within your faction who can teach you magical abilities. These trainers are typically located in important faction settlements or cities.

Invest Learning Points: After finding a magic trainer, you will need to spend learning points to acquire magical skills and abilities. Learning points are earned by gaining experience through combat, completing quests, and other in-game activities.

Practice and Develop Your Magic: Once you have acquired magical skills, practice and experiment with them to improve your proficiency. Use them in combat situations, explore their various effects, and level up your magical abilities through continued use.

Remember, the specific details and requirements for unlocking magic in Elex 2 may vary depending on the game’s design and updates. It’s always recommended to refer to in-game guides, dialogue, and instructions to ensure you follow the correct steps for your chosen faction.

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