Elex 2 Locks – how to open?

Elex 2 Locks - how to open?

In Elex 2, you can open locks by using lockpicks. To open a lock, follow these steps:

Obtain lockpicks: You can find lockpicks in various ways, such as looting them from defeated enemies, purchasing them from merchants, or finding them in containers throughout the game world.

Approach the locked object: Move close to the door, container, or chest that you want to unlock.

Activate lockpicking: Interact with the locked object by pressing the appropriate button or key to initiate the lockpicking mini-game.

Lockpicking mini-game: The lockpicking mini-game will be displayed on your screen. It typically involves a lock mechanism with a moving indicator and one or more tumblers or pins. The objective is to carefully manipulate the tumblers or pins to align them and unlock the mechanism.

Manipulate the tumblers: Use your controls or mouse to manipulate the tumblers or pins. Pay attention to visual and audio cues that indicate when a tumbler or pin is in the correct position.

Unlock the lock: Continue manipulating the tumblers or pins until all of them are in the correct position. Once all the tumblers or pins are aligned, the lock will open, and you can access the contents of the locked object.

It’s worth noting that lockpicking can be a challenging skill to master, so it might take practice to become proficient. Additionally, some locks may be more difficult than others, requiring more skill or higher lockpicking attributes to successfully open.

Remember to save your game before attempting to pick locks, as there is a chance of breaking lockpicks or triggering alarms if you fail, which could have negative consequences.


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