Elex 2 Inventory – is there a limit?

Elex 2 Inventory - is there a limit?

Yes, there is a limit to the inventory space in “Elex 2.” Your character’s carrying capacity determines how many items you can carry at a given time. Here are some details regarding the inventory system in the game:

Carrying Capacity:

Weight Limit: Each item in your inventory has a specific weight value. Your character’s carrying capacity is limited by their Strength attribute and any equipment or abilities that affect it.
Increasing Carrying Capacity: You can increase your carrying capacity by investing attribute points into Strength or equipping items, armor, or accessories that provide bonuses to carrying capacity.
Managing Inventory:

Sorting and Organization: Use the sorting options available in the inventory menu to keep your items organized. This helps you quickly locate specific items when needed.
Selling and Disassembling: Regularly sell or disassemble unwanted items to free up space in your inventory. You can sell items to merchants or use crafting stations to disassemble them into valuable materials.
Storing Items:

Personal Storage: Some locations, such as your faction headquarters or safehouses, may provide personal storage options where you can store excess items for later retrieval.
Faction Storage: If you join a faction, they may provide faction-specific storage options where you can store items associated with the faction.
It’s important to manage your inventory effectively to ensure you have space for important quest items, valuable loot, and essential supplies. Consider the weight and value of items before deciding what to carry or sell.

Be mindful that exceeding your carrying capacity will cause your character to move slower, making it more difficult to navigate the game world. Regularly evaluate your inventory and make decisions on what to keep, sell, or store to maintain a manageable load and optimize your gameplay experience.

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