Elex 2 Infection – what does it affect?

Elex 2 Infection - what does it affect?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Elex 2 had not been released yet, and specific details about its gameplay mechanics and features are limited. Therefore, I do not have information regarding the exact effects of infection in Elex 2.

However, based on general RPG conventions and the presence of an infection mechanic in the original Elex game, it is possible that an infection in Elex 2 could have various effects on the player character. Here are some potential effects that an infection could have, purely based on speculation:

Health Degeneration: The infection may cause a gradual decrease in the player character’s health over time. This could create a sense of urgency and the need to find a cure or remedy to halt the health decline.

Negative Attribute Modifiers: The infection might impair certain attributes or abilities of the player character, leading to decreased combat effectiveness, reduced movement speed, or other penalties. This would add an additional layer of challenge to gameplay and incentivize finding a solution.

Quest Impacts: The infection could have consequences on certain quests or storylines, potentially altering dialogue options, quest outcomes, or the ability to interact with specific characters. This would add depth and complexity to the narrative and potentially influence the player’s choices.

Cure or Treatment: The player character may need to seek out a cure or treatment for the infection. This could involve finding rare ingredients, completing specific quests, or interacting with NPCs who specialize in healing or medicine.

It’s important to note that these speculations are based on common RPG mechanics and how infection mechanics have been implemented in other games. The specific effects and mechanics of infection in Elex 2 may differ or be entirely different from what is described here. For accurate and up-to-date information on the effects of infection in Elex 2, it is best to refer to official sources, game previews, or the game’s official release.

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