Elex 2 Hacking and opening safes Full guide

Elex 2 Hacking and opening safes Full guide

In “Elex 2,” hacking and opening safes can provide access to valuable loot and resources. Here’s some information on hacking and safe-opening mechanics:


Hacking Skill: Hacking in “Elex 2” requires investing skill points into the Hacking skill tree. The higher your Hacking skill, the more advanced systems you can hack and the higher your chances of success.

Hacking Devices: To initiate hacking, you’ll need a hacking device. These devices can be obtained by looting or purchasing them from traders. They come in different levels of complexity, allowing you to access various security systems.

Hacking Mini-game: When attempting to hack a system, you’ll encounter a mini-game. The mini-game typically involves manipulating nodes, circuits, or solving puzzles within a limited time frame. Your goal is to connect nodes or solve the puzzle correctly before time runs out.

Rewards and Consequences: Successful hacking can grant you access to secured areas, disable security systems, or open locked containers. However, failed hacking attempts can trigger alarms, attract enemies, or even result in traps being activated, so be cautious.

Opening Safes:

Lockpicking Skill: Lockpicking is another method for accessing locked containers, including safes. Invest skill points into the Lockpicking skill tree to improve your lockpicking abilities.

Lockpicking Tools: Lockpicks or lockpicking devices are required for opening safes. These tools can be acquired by looting or purchasing them from traders. Make sure to have enough lockpicks in your inventory before attempting to open a safe.

Lockpicking Mechanics: When attempting to open a safe, you’ll engage in a lockpicking mini-game. The mini-game usually involves rotating the lock mechanism or manipulating pins within a specific range to find the correct positions that unlock the safe.

Loot and Rewards: Successfully opening a safe grants you access to the valuable items, resources, or equipment contained within. The contents can include weapons, armor, crafting materials, or other useful items.


Save before attempting hacks or lockpicking, as failure can have consequences.
Invest in the Hacking and Lockpicking skills early to unlock higher-level systems and safes.
Pay attention to the difficulty level of the hack or lock to assess your chances of success.
Be aware of security systems, traps, or enemies that may be triggered by failed hacking attempts or lockpicking.
Use consumables or abilities that improve your hacking or lockpicking success rate.
Remember, hacking and lockpicking provide opportunities for accessing valuable resources, but they also carry risks. Pay attention to the skill requirements, mini-games, and potential consequences associated with these activities.

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