Elex 2 Grotto – how to unlock traders? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Grotto - how to unlock traders? Campaign and quests

In Elex 2, the Grotto is a major location where you can find traders and merchants. To unlock traders in the Grotto, you need to complete certain quests and progress through the game’s storyline. Here are some general steps you can take to unlock traders in the Grotto:

Progress through the main story: Complete the main quests and follow the storyline. As you advance, you will unlock new areas, factions, and characters, including traders in the Grotto.

Complete faction quests: Join and align yourself with a faction, such as the Berserkers, Outlaws, or Clerics. Complete their faction-specific quests, which may involve establishing a presence in the Grotto or helping them gain influence in the area.

Improve your reputation: Increase your reputation with the factions by completing quests and aiding their cause. Higher reputation can unlock access to better traders and more items in the Grotto.

Explore and interact: Talk to NPCs in the Grotto and complete their side quests or missions. Some of these quests may involve helping traders or unlocking access to new trade routes.

By following these steps and progressing through the game, you should be able to unlock traders in the Grotto and access their goods and services.

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