Elex 2 Fort – how to get in? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Fort - how to get in? Campaign and quests

In Elex 2, gaining access to the Fort requires completing specific quests and meeting certain conditions. Here’s a general guide on how to get into the Fort:

Progress through the main story: Follow the main questline and complete the objectives assigned to you. The main story will eventually lead you to the Fort, and progressing through it will be necessary to gain entrance.

Gain reputation with the faction: The Fort is usually associated with a particular faction in the game, such as Berserkers, Outlaws, or Clerics. To gain access to the Fort, you will need to align yourself with the respective faction and increase your reputation with them. Complete faction-specific quests and help them to improve your standing.

Obtain permission or complete quests: The faction controlling the Fort may require you to complete certain quests or tasks before granting you access. Pay attention to dialogue and quest objectives that may involve the Fort, and fulfill the necessary requirements to gain entry.

Seek assistance or disguise: In some cases, you may need to seek assistance from NPCs or find a way to disguise yourself as a member of the faction controlling the Fort. Engage in conversations, explore dialogue options, and gather information from NPCs to discover potential allies or disguises that can help you gain entry.

Remember, the specific requirements and methods to gain access to the Fort can vary depending on the faction and storyline choices you make in Elex 2. Pay attention to the quest objectives, dialogue options, and follow the main storyline to progress towards gaining entry into the Fort.

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