Elex 2 Fire in the Hole Trophy Guide

Elex 2 Fire in the Hole Trophy Guide

Sure! Here’s a guide to help you earn the “Fire in the Hole” trophy in Elex 2:

Objective: Detonate 50 explosive barrels.

Find explosive barrels: Look for red explosive barrels scattered throughout the game world. They are often found near enemies, in enemy camps, or in strategic locations.

Collect explosives: If you don’t have any explosives to detonate the barrels, make sure to collect them. They can be found in various places, such as weapon stashes, enemy drops, or purchased from merchants.

Approach explosive barrels: When you spot an explosive barrel, get close to it.

Use explosives: Equip the explosives in your inventory and throw them near the barrel. Make sure to aim accurately to ensure the explosives land close enough to the barrel.

Detonate the barrels: Use a weapon or another explosive to trigger the explosion. This can be done by shooting the explosive barrel or throwing another explosive nearby.

Repeat the process: Keep exploring the game world, finding more explosive barrels, and detonating them. Aim to detonate a total of 50 explosive barrels.

Remember, the trophy is awarded for detonating 50 explosive barrels specifically, so make sure you keep track of your progress. Good luck, and enjoy your adventure in Elex 2!

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