Elex 2 Failing a quest – is it possible? Campaign and quests

Elex 2 Failing a quest - is it possible? Campaign and quests

Yes, it is indeed possible to fail a quest in Elex 2. Quests in Elex 2 often have objectives, time limits, or specific outcomes that must be met in order to succeed. Failing to meet these requirements or making certain choices can result in the quest failing.

Failing a quest may have consequences such as missing out on rewards, closing off certain storylines, or affecting your reputation with factions or characters. It’s important to pay attention to quest objectives, dialogue options, and time limits to ensure you progress successfully.

However, it’s worth noting that failing a quest doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the game or a detrimental impact on your overall progress. Elex 2 offers multiple quests and branching storylines, so there are often alternative paths and opportunities to continue your journey even if a quest is failed.

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