Elex 2 Factions Full guide

Elex 2 Factions Full guide

“Elex 2” features several factions, each with its unique goals, ideologies, and gameplay mechanics. Joining a faction can significantly impact your gameplay experience and the quests available to you. Here are the main factions in “Elex 2”:


Philosophy: Berserkers believe in harmony with nature and reject the use of Elex. They rely on magical abilities fueled by Elex-free Mana.
Gameplay: As a Berserker, you’ll focus on magic and nature-based abilities. You can learn powerful spells, brew potions, and shape the environment.
Locations: Berserkers are based in Edan, a lush forest region.

Philosophy: Clerics are a technologically advanced faction with a strict hierarchy. They seek to bring order to the post-apocalyptic world and eradicate all Elex.
Gameplay: As a Cleric, you’ll specialize in advanced energy weapons, power armor, and high-tech gadgets. You can also learn energy-based abilities.
Locations: The Clerics’ main base is the Hort, a fortified mountain city.

Philosophy: Outlaws are independent survivalists who reject strict rules and factions. They focus on personal freedom, survival, and acquiring wealth.
Gameplay: Outlaws excel in ranged combat, stealth, and technology. They have access to various firearms, traps, and hacking skills.
Locations: Outlaws are typically found in Tavar, a region known for its industrial and lawless nature.

Philosophy: Albs are a faction of former humans heavily dependent on Elex consumption. They believe in the strength gained from Elex and seek to dominate the world.
Gameplay: Albs have access to advanced combat enhancements, energy weapons, and abilities fueled by Elex. They prioritize strength and power.
Locations: Albs are based in the Xacor region, a desolate land rich in Elex deposits.
Choosing a faction will determine your starting location, available quests, access to faction-specific equipment, and interactions with NPCs. Each faction has its own unique storyline, companions, and rewards. It’s important to consider their philosophies and playstyle before making your choice.

Note that joining a faction is not mandatory, and you can also decide to remain independent or switch allegiances throughout the game.

Explore the world, interact with faction members, and make choices aligned with your chosen faction to shape the outcome of the game and immerse yourself in the faction’s unique storyline and gameplay mechanics.

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