Elex 2 Elexit crystals – how to obtain?

Elex 2 Elexit crystals - how to obtain?

In “Elex 2,” Elexit crystals serve as the primary currency used for purchasing items, equipment, and services. Here are several ways to obtain Elexit crystals in the game:

Selling Items:

Loot and Salvage: Defeat enemies and search containers, chests, or corpses to collect various items. Sell these items to merchants in exchange for Elexit. The value of an item typically depends on its rarity, usefulness, and condition.
Completing Quests:

Main Quests and Side Quests: Many quests in “Elex 2” offer Elexit as a reward upon completion. Be sure to collect the rewards from quest givers after successfully finishing quests.
Faction Quests: Engaging in faction-specific quests can also provide Elexit as a reward or open up opportunities for earning additional Elexit through faction-related activities.
Trading and Bartering:

Merchant Transactions: Interact with merchants throughout the game world to buy and sell items. You can sell unwanted equipment, resources, or crafted items to these merchants in exchange for Elexit. Additionally, some merchants offer items for sale that you can purchase using Elexit.
Mining and Crafting:

Mining Elexit Crystals: Occasionally, you may come across Elexit crystals as part of the natural environment or within mines. Interact with these crystals to collect them, adding them directly to your inventory.
Crafting and Selling: Craft valuable items, potions, or equipment that can be sold for a higher price to merchants. Invest in crafting skills and gather rare materials to create items with greater value.
Theft and Looting:

Stealing and Pickpocketing: While not necessarily an honorable method, you can engage in stealing or pickpocketing to acquire Elexit and other valuable items. Be mindful of the consequences if you get caught, as it may affect your reputation or lead to hostile encounters.
Exploration and Secrets:

Hidden Stashes and Treasures: Explore the game world thoroughly, as hidden stashes, caches, or treasure chests may contain Elexit crystals. Pay attention to environmental cues, solve puzzles, or overcome challenges to access these hidden rewards.
Remember, managing your Elexit wisely is essential for purchasing equipment, upgrading skills, and acquiring resources in “Elex 2.” Balancing your expenditures, quest rewards, and selling valuable items will help you accumulate and maintain a sufficient amount of Elexit for your needs.

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