Elex 2 drinks Map Full Guide

Elex 2 drinks Map Full Guide

Explore Settlements and Cities: Drinks can often be found in bars, taverns, or other establishments within settlements and cities. Take the time to visit different locations and interact with NPCs to discover drink options.

Talk to NPCs: Engage in conversations with the NPCs you encounter. Some may have information about where to find specific drinks or might even sell them directly.

Loot Containers: Search through containers such as chests, cabinets, and barrels. Drinks can sometimes be found as loot in these containers, especially in areas like kitchens or storage rooms.

Complete Quests: Some quests in Elex 2 may involve obtaining or delivering specific drinks. Pay attention to quest dialogue and objectives to find out where you can acquire the drinks needed for these quests.

Merchants and Vendors: Keep an eye out for merchants and vendors who specialize in selling beverages. They may have a variety of drinks available for purchase, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Faction-Specific Drinks: Each faction in Elex 2 may have their own unique drinks associated with them. Joining a faction and progressing through their storyline may provide access to faction-specific drinks.

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