Elex 2 Difficulty levels Full guide

Elex 2 Difficulty levels Full guide

“Elex 2” offers different difficulty levels to cater to various player preferences and skill levels. Here are the difficulty levels available in the game:


Description: Easy difficulty provides a more forgiving experience, with enemies dealing reduced damage and having lower health pools. This level is suitable for players who prefer a more relaxed and less challenging gameplay experience.

Description: Normal difficulty offers a balanced experience, where enemies pose a moderate challenge. This difficulty level is recommended for players who enjoy a standard level of difficulty and want a fair combat experience.

Description: Hard difficulty increases the challenge by making enemies more resilient and dealing higher damage. Combat encounters require more strategic thinking and precise execution. Hard difficulty is suitable for players seeking a more intense and demanding gameplay experience.

Description: Ultra difficulty is the highest level of challenge in “Elex 2.” Enemies have significantly increased health and deal substantial damage. Combat encounters are extremely challenging, requiring precise timing, effective strategies, and well-optimized character builds. Ultra difficulty is recommended for experienced players seeking a true test of their skills.
When starting a new game or adjusting the difficulty, you can select the level that best matches your desired experience. If you find the current difficulty level too easy or difficult, you can adjust it at any time from the game settings menu.

Remember, the difficulty level you choose affects enemy stats and combat challenges, but it doesn’t affect the overall story or quests in the game. Feel free to experiment with different difficulty levels to find the one that provides the right level of challenge and enjoyment for your playstyle.

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