Elex 2 Crafting Full guide

Elex 2 Crafting Full guide

In “Elex 2,” crafting plays an important role in creating and upgrading weapons, armor, consumables, and other useful items. Here’s a guide to crafting in the game:

Crafting Stations: To craft items, you need to locate and use specific crafting stations. These stations can be found in settlements, faction headquarters, or other designated areas. Look for anvils, workbenches, alchemy tables, or other crafting stations depending on the type of item you want to create.

Crafting Recipes: Crafting requires recipes that define the materials and components needed for each item. You can acquire recipes by finding them in the game world, looting them from defeated enemies, purchasing them from traders, or receiving them as quest rewards. Make sure to explore thoroughly and interact with NPCs to discover new recipes.

Gathering Resources: Crafting materials can be obtained by gathering resources from the environment. This includes mining ores, collecting plants, hunting animals, or looting fallen enemies. Pay attention to your surroundings and use appropriate tools or abilities to gather specific resources.

Crafting Process: Once you have the required materials and access to a crafting station, interact with it to open the crafting interface. Select the item you want to craft from the available recipes, ensuring you have the necessary materials in your inventory. Then, confirm the crafting process, and the item will be created if you meet all the requirements.

Upgrading Equipment: In addition to crafting new items, you can also upgrade existing weapons and armor. Use upgrade components and crafting stations to enhance the stats and properties of your equipment. This allows you to tailor your gear to suit your playstyle and increase its effectiveness in combat.

Alchemy and Consumables: Alchemy plays a role in creating potions, elixirs, and other consumable items. Utilize alchemy tables and the recipes you’ve acquired to mix different ingredients and create various beneficial items that can enhance your combat capabilities or provide other advantages.

Experimentation and Exploration: As you progress in the game, you may discover new crafting recipes and learn to combine different resources to create unique or powerful items. Experimentation and exploration are key to discovering new recipes and optimizing your crafting abilities.

Skill Investment: Invest skill points in crafting-related skills to improve your efficiency and unlock new crafting options. Skills such as Blacksmithing, Alchemy, or Engineering can enhance your crafting abilities, increase success rates, or allow you to craft advanced items.

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