Elex 2 Combat Full guide

Elex 2 Combat Full guide

Combat in “Elex 2” is a core aspect of the game, featuring various playstyles and strategies to engage enemies and overcome challenges. Here are some tips and mechanics related to combat in the game:

Choose Your Combat Style:

Melee Combat: Wield melee weapons like swords, axes, or hammers for close-quarters combat. Focus on timing your attacks, combos, and blocking or parrying enemy strikes.
Ranged Combat: Utilize firearms, bows, or energy weapons for long-range engagements. Aim for headshots, use cover effectively, and manage ammunition and reload times.
Magic/Spellcasting: Harness mystical powers, psi abilities, or elemental magic to unleash devastating spells on your enemies. Consider energy management, spell combinations, and exploiting elemental weaknesses.
Attribute Allocation:

Strength: Enhance your melee damage, carry capacity, and effectiveness with heavy weapons.
Dexterity: Improve your ranged weapon accuracy, critical hit chances, and stealth abilities.
Constitution: Increase your health and stamina for better endurance in combat.
Intelligence: Boost your spellcasting abilities, energy regeneration, and knowledge of the game world.
Cunning: Improve critical hit chances, evasion, and unlock abilities related to traps and stealth.
Combat Maneuvers and Tactics:

Dodge and Roll: Evade enemy attacks by dodging or rolling out of harm’s way. Timing is crucial to avoid damage effectively.
Blocking and Parrying: Use a shield or weapon to block or parry incoming attacks. Well-timed blocks can stagger enemies, leaving them vulnerable for counterattacks.
Tactical Positioning: Make use of the environment, cover, and high ground to gain advantages and protect yourself from enemy fire.
Weapon Special Attacks: Some weapons have special attacks or abilities. Experiment with these techniques to deal additional damage or apply status effects to enemies.
Consumables and Buffs:

Healing Items: Carry healing items, potions, or food to replenish health during combat.
Buffs and Enhancements: Use consumables or abilities that boost your damage, resistances, or critical hit chances.
Stim Packs: Stim packs can provide temporary boosts to attributes or combat abilities, offering an edge in challenging encounters.
Skill Progression and Abilities:

Skill Trees: Invest skill points into various skill trees to unlock new combat abilities, weapon specialties, or magical spells.
Faction Abilities: Each faction has its unique abilities and combat specialties. Consider joining a faction that aligns with your desired playstyle.
Enemy Weaknesses and Tactics:

Study Enemies: Observe enemy behaviors, attacks, and weaknesses. Some enemies may have elemental vulnerabilities or specific weaknesses to exploit.
Tactical Approach: Plan your engagements strategically, considering enemy numbers, strengths, and weaknesses. Utilize stealth, traps, or distractions to gain an advantage.

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