Elex 2 Character progression Full guide

Elex 2 Character progression Full guide

Character progression in “Elex 2” allows you to develop your character’s abilities, skills, and attributes to suit your preferred playstyle and overcome challenges. Here’s an overview of the character progression system in the game:

Experience Points (XP):

XP Acquisition: You earn experience points by completing quests, defeating enemies, discovering new locations, and engaging in various activities throughout the game world.
Leveling Up: Accumulating XP allows you to level up your character, increasing their overall power and unlocking new abilities.

Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Cunning: These attributes determine your character’s base stats and affect various aspects of gameplay, such as damage, health, energy, carrying capacity, critical hit chances, and more.
Attribute Points: When you level up, you earn attribute points that can be allocated to increase the values of your attributes. This allows you to customize your character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Skill Trees: “Elex 2” features skill trees that correspond to different playstyles and abilities. Examples include combat skills, crafting abilities, stealth techniques, magic spells, and more.
Skill Points: As you level up, you earn skill points that can be spent on unlocking and improving skills within the respective skill trees. Invest in skills that complement your desired playstyle and enhance your character’s abilities.
Faction Reputation:

Faction Alignment: Joining a faction in “Elex 2” affects your character’s progression and the quests available to you. Building reputation with a faction can unlock faction-specific quests, rewards, and access to unique equipment.
Faction Quests: Completing quests for your chosen faction contributes to your reputation and can provide additional benefits and opportunities within the faction.
Equipment and Gear:

Weapon and Armor Upgrades: Enhance your combat effectiveness by upgrading your weapons and armor. Use crafting materials and recipes to improve their stats, add enchantments, or modify their abilities.
Loot and Trade: Acquire new gear and equipment by looting enemies, containers, or completing quests. Trade with merchants to obtain specialized items and upgrades.
Consumables and Abilities:

Consumables: Utilize potions, food, stim packs, and other consumables to temporarily boost your character’s attributes, resistances, or combat abilities.
Abilities and Spells: Unlock and upgrade special abilities, spells, or techniques through skill progression. These abilities provide unique combat or utility options to aid you in your journey.
As you progress through the game, allocate attribute points, choose and improve skills, and acquire better equipment to shape your character’s progression. Adapt your character’s development based on your preferred playstyle, challenges you encounter, and the choices you make in the game world.

Remember, character progression is a gradual process, and it’s essential to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your character, the available options within the skill trees, and the challenges you’re likely to face in “Elex 2.”

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