Elex 2 Best starting skills Full guide

Elex 2 Best starting skills Full guide

The best starting skills in “Elex 2” can vary depending on your preferred playstyle and faction choice. However, here are some skills that are generally considered useful for different types of characters:

Melee Combat:

One-Handed or Two-Handed Weapons: Invest in these skills to increase your effectiveness with melee weapons, dealing more damage and gaining access to special combat moves.
Stamina and Health: Improve your Stamina and Health attributes to increase your survivability in close-quarters combat.
Block or Parry: Investing in these skills improves your defensive capabilities, allowing you to block or parry enemy attacks more effectively.
Ranged Combat:

Pistols or Rifles: Focus on the appropriate ranged weapon skill to enhance your accuracy and damage with pistols or rifles.
Critical Hit or Precision: Investing in skills that boost critical hit chances or precision damage can significantly increase your ranged damage output.
Stealth: Enhance your stealth abilities to gain advantages in ranged combat, such as remaining undetected or dealing additional damage from stealth.

Psi Powers or Elemental Magic: Invest in the appropriate skill tree (Psi Powers or Elemental Magic) to unlock and improve your magical abilities.
Energy Regeneration: Enhance your energy regeneration rate to allow for more frequent spellcasting and sustained magical attacks.
Elemental Resistance: Increase your resistance to elemental damage to mitigate the negative effects of enemy magic attacks.
Crafting and Upgrades:

Blacksmithing or Alchemy: If you enjoy crafting or enhancing equipment, invest in skills like Blacksmithing or Alchemy to unlock new crafting recipes and improve your ability to create powerful items.
Engineering: This skill tree allows you to improve your technological prowess, unlocking access to gadgets and advanced technological equipment.
Remember to consider your faction choice when selecting starting skills. Each faction in “Elex 2” has its own unique abilities and skill trees, so choose skills that synergize with your faction’s strengths and playstyle.

It’s also important to note that you can further develop and customize your character’s skills as you progress through the game. Adapt your skill choices based on your preferred combat style, equipment, and the challenges you encounter in the game world.

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