Elex 2 Best starting armor Full guide

Elex 2 Best starting armor Full guide

In “Elex 2,” the sequel to the action role-playing game “Elex,” the best starting armor can depend on your preferred playstyle and character build. However, I can provide information about some of the commonly recommended starting armors in the game. Keep in mind that these suggestions are based on my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, and specific changes or updates in the game may have occurred since then.

Cleric Armor: If you plan to focus on magic or energy-based abilities, starting with the Cleric Armor can be a solid choice. Cleric Armor provides bonuses to energy regeneration and resistance against energy-based attacks, which can be beneficial for spellcasting characters.

Berserker Armor: If you prefer a more melee-focused playstyle, the Berserker Armor can be a good option. It provides bonuses to melee damage and resistance against physical attacks. Berserker Armor is well-suited for characters who rely on close-quarters combat and want to excel in melee combat situations.

Outlaw Armor: The Outlaw Armor is a good choice if you prefer a balanced playstyle that combines ranged combat and stealth. Outlaw Armor offers bonuses to critical hits, ranged weapon damage, and stealth skills. It can be a versatile option for characters who want to be proficient in both long-range combat and sneaking around.

Ultimately, the “best” starting armor in “Elex 2” can vary depending on your preferred approach to combat and character build. It’s also important to note that as you progress through the game, you will have opportunities to find and acquire more powerful armor sets that suit your evolving playstyle.

When playing “Elex 2,” it can be beneficial to experiment with different armors and find the one that best complements your character’s abilities and playstyle.

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