Elex 2 Ammunition – how to get? Full Guide

Elex 2 Ammunition - how to get? Full Guide

To obtain ammunition in Elex 2, you have a few different options:

Crafting: You can craft ammunition using the appropriate materials and a crafting station. Find or gather the necessary resources, such as gunpowder or casings, and visit a crafting station to access the ammunition crafting menu. From there, you can select the ammunition type you want to create and initiate the crafting process.

Merchants: Ammunition can often be purchased from various merchants throughout the game world. Visit weapon vendors, general stores, or ammunition traders to browse their inventory and purchase the ammunition you need. Keep in mind that different merchants may specialize in specific types of ammunition, so it’s worth exploring different locations to find a wide variety of options.

Looting: When defeating enemies, explore their bodies for potential ammunition drops. Fallen enemies may drop ammunition that corresponds to the weapons they were using. Make sure to search thoroughly after combat, as ammunition can be easily overlooked.

Containers and Exploration: Explore the game world and search containers, crates, and other interactive objects. Ammunition can often be found in these containers, providing a steady supply without needing to purchase or craft it.

Trading or Quest Rewards: Completing quests or engaging in trade with NPCs can sometimes result in ammunition rewards. Pay attention to quest objectives, dialogue options, and potential bartering opportunities to acquire ammunition as a reward.

Remember to check the inventory screen regularly to ensure you have sufficient ammunition for your weapons. Running out of ammunition during combat can put you at a disadvantage, so it’s important to manage your resources effectively.

By utilizing these methods, you should be able to acquire the ammunition you need to keep your weapons loaded and ready for battle in Elex 2.

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