Easy Fixes for Fallout 76 Crashing Issues

Quick and Easy Fixes for Fallout 76 Crashing

Title: How to Fix Fallout 76 Crashing on PC: A Comprehensive Guide


Fallout 76, a popular online action RPG, has gained a dedicated fan base since its release. However, many PC gamers have encountered a frustrating problem: Fallout 76 crashing. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to fix this issue and get back to your post-apocalyptic adventure.

Why is Fallout 76 Crashing?

Before diving into the solutions, it is essential to understand the reasons behind Fallout 76 crashing. Some common causes include an incompatible PC configuration, outdated graphics drivers, outdated Windows or DirectX versions, outdated game version, missing or corrupted game files, and overlay apps.

How to Fix Fallout 76 Crashing?

To resolve the crashing issue in Fallout 76, follow the steps mentioned below:

Heading 3: Update Graphics Drivers

One of the primary causes of game crashes is outdated graphics drivers. Updating them can enhance game performance and stability. This section guides you through the process of updating your graphics drivers manually or using a driver updating tool like Outbyte Driver Updater.

Heading 3: Set High Priority in Task Manager

Setting the game’s priority to high in the Task Manager can allocate more system resources to Fallout 76, potentially reducing crashes. This section explains how to set high priority in the Task Manager effectively.

Heading 3: Set High Performance in Power Options

Choosing the high-performance power plan can optimize your PC’s performance, preventing crashes in Fallout 76. This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to set high performance in the Power Options.

Heading 3: Turn Off In-game Overlays

In-game overlays, like Discord overlay, Xbox Game Bar, or Nvidia GeForce Experience overlay, can sometimes conflict with Fallout 76 and cause crashes. This section provides instructions on how to disable these overlays to resolve the crashing issue.

Heading 3: Verify Integrity of Game Files on Bethesda

Running a scan and repair process on Launcher can identify and fix any missing or corrupted game files, preventing crashes in Fallout 76. This section guides you through the process of verifying the integrity of game files.

Heading 3: Other Steps to Try

In addition to the main solutions mentioned above, this section offers supplementary steps, such as disabling CPU or GPU overclocking and updating the Fallout 76 game, to further mitigate crashing issues.


This comprehensive guide addresses the frustrating problem of Fallout 76 crashing on PC. By following the provided solutions, which include updating graphics drivers, setting high priority in the task manager, choosing high performance in power options, and more, players can hopefully enjoy a smoother and crash-free post-apocalyptic adventure.

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