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Dreamscape is available in the Wandering Balloon section of Peaks of Time. Here is a complete step-by-step guide for Dreamscape.

You have to get at least 32-50 Chapters to open this along with a minimum of 60% completion of “The Arid Badlands”. Otherwise, you will not be able to play this map. Follow the steps and win an adventure 😊


(Peaks of Time / Wandering Balloon)

  • Pick up the Queen and Joker in the start but you can also win without this picking them.
  • Move and take all Glowing Aspirations.
  • Whenever you will defeat any enemy, this will result in the disappearance of one tile and the vine present next to Glowing Aspiration will block the path.
  • Get Golden egg to reset all disappeared tiles, vines, and camps by defeating the middle camp.
  • You will get your final reward by defeating the middle boss two times in the last step.


All Peaks of Time Chapters
  • Peaks of Time
    • 3 – Secrets of The Forest
    • 4 – Rest in Peace
    • 5 – The Ancient Ruins
    • 6 – Far Frontier
    • 7– Divine Realm
    • 8 – Rancid Forest Guide
    • 9 – Viper’s Marsh Guide
    • 10 – The Dismal Descent
    • 11 – The Savage Wastes Map
    • 12 – The Solar Plane
    • 13 – The Burning Woods
    • 14 – The Abysmal Delves
    • 15 – The Contorted Realm
    • 16 – The Forgotten Mine
  • Wandering Balloon
    • The Depths of Time
    • Fields of Stone
    • Highburn Stronghold
    • The Howling Wastes
    • Fallen Souls
    • The Frosted Expanse
    • The Forest’s Edge
    • Frozen Ground
    • The Frozen Hinterland
    • Hazy Timberland
    • The Depths of Time II
    • The Echoing Valley
    • Track of the Sands
    • Windfall Gorge
    • Black Woods
    • The Sandy Tracks
    • Mirael’s Nightmare
    • The Dusty Barrens
    • Cinder Grottoes
    • The Realm of Denial
    • Deathly Marshlands
    • Bridge of Souls
    • Tempestuous Twisters
    • The Snowy Front


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