Discussion Among Elden Ring Fans: Ranking the Most Disappointing Boss Rewards in the Game

Elden Ring Fans Discuss: The Most Disappointing Boss Rewards in the Game | Disappointing Boss Rewards in Elden Ring: What Fans Are Saying

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, offers players challenging boss battles and rewarding drops. However, some fans have expressed their disappointment with certain boss rewards. This article explores the opinions and discussions surrounding the most disappointing boss drops in Elden Ring.

Overview of Rewards in Elden Ring

After defeating bosses in Elden Ring, players are rewarded with runes and Remembrances. Runes allow players to level up and obtain weapons or spells, while Remembrances can be exchanged for boss-specific weapons or spells. Additionally, special items like Larval Tears enhance gameplay features. Despite the overall positive reception of rewards, some drops have left fans disappointed.

Flying Dragon Greyll and Godfrey: The Most Disappointing Boss Drops

A Reddit user named Rex_Wr3cks initiated a discussion on the most underwhelming boss rewards in Elden Ring. According to Rex_Wr3cks, one of the most disappointing drops came from the Flying Dragon Greyll, where players receive runes and a Dragon Heart instead of a new spell. In terms of Remembrance drops, Rex_Wr3cks highlighted Godfrey’s reward, mentioning their dissatisfaction with the obtained axe.

Varied Opinions in the Comments Section

Opinions in the comments section regarding disappointing boss rewards are diverse. Some players express disappointment with regular enemies and mini-bosses, claiming that the effort required to defeat Runebears does not justify the reward received. Others compare the reward from Runebears to Vulgar Militiamen, questioning the inconsistency. Specific Golems that can shoot lasers are also criticized for their lackluster drops.

Other Bosses with Disappointing Rewards

Various other bosses have been mentioned by fans as having underwhelming rewards. The Crucible Knight at Stormhill Evergaol is cited by one gamer as providing disappointing rewards. Another player votes for Godfrey as the most disappointing, while another expresses dissatisfaction with the rewards obtained after defeating Astel. It is suggested that the rewards from the final boss should have been unlocked earlier in the game.

Disappointment Stemming from Irrelevant or Limited Rewards

Many fans express disappointment because they hoped to gain access to moves or abilities used by the defeated enemies. It appears that some rewards in Elden Ring are only suitable for specific playstyles, rendering them useless for other players.

While Elden Ring offers a range of rewarding drops after defeating bosses, some fan opinions highlight certain disappointments. The Flying Dragon Greyll and Godfrey are singled out as providing lackluster rewards. Additional complaints about regular enemies, mini-bosses, and specific Golems reflect fans’ desire for more valuable drops. Ultimately, the suitability of rewards for specific playstyles is also a source of disappointment among players. Despite these concerns, Elden Ring remains a popular game available on multiple platforms.


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