Design Flaw in Elite Controllers Discovered by Xbox Fan

Xbox Fan Exposes Design Flaw in Elite Controllers

Xbox Elite controllers, known for their high-quality and expensive price tag, are facing a significant problem where they are coming apart during heavy use. This is a concerning issue considering the original price point of $179.99. Users on Reddit have reported that the textured grips on the controllers are peeling off due to sweat dissolving the glue, indicating that this may be a widespread fault with Elite controllers.

The Xbox Elite controllers have always been seen as the best controllers available, so the fact that their quality assurance is reportedly shoddy is a big deal. Microsoft is likely aware of these issues, as the Elite controllers have gone through two iterations, with the Series 2 being the latest version. However, users on Reddit have pointed out that even the Series 2 controllers are experiencing this problem, debunking the notion that it was an issue limited to the older Series 1 controllers. This means that Xbox’s top-of-the-line controllers are possibly being sold with a serious flaw, which is disappointing considering their price and features.

Design Flaw in Elite Controllers Discovered by Xbox Fan

While the Series 2 Xbox Elite controllers are cheaper than their predecessors, they are still a significant investment, and gamers expect them to last for years. However, the community suggests that the fancy features of the controller contribute to its larger quality assurance problems compared to regular non-Elite controllers. Many were hoping that the Series 2 controllers would address the issues of the previous version, but it seems that this may not be the case, according to users.

Overall, the problem of Xbox Elite controllers coming apart during heavy use is a significant concern for gamers who have invested in these high-end devices. The fact that this issue seems to be widespread among users suggests that it is a known fault rather than an isolated incident. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will address these quality assurance issues in future iterations, possibly with a Series 3 controller. In the meantime, users may need to consider alternative controller options or find ways to mitigate the issue themselves.


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