Dave the Diver How to unlock Cobra Shop?

Dave the Diver How to unlock Cobra Shop?

Cobra Shop: Buying and Selling Guide. The Cobra Shop is a vital store in the game Dave the Diver where you can purchase equipment and sell loot. This guide will walk you through the requirements to unlock the Cobra Shop, inform you about the items worth buying from Cobra, and provide insight into what items you can safely sell.

How to Unlock and Use the Cobra Shop:

1. Initially, the Cobra Shop is not available. You must make progress in chapter 1 to unlock it.
2. Complete the “Where the Currents Flow” quest, which is explained on a separate page. This quest involves delivering materials to Cobra for drone repairs.
3. After returning to the boat and completing the quest, you will discover that Cobra has opened his shop. Stand next to Cobra on the boat and press SPACE to access it.
4. Note that the shop is only open during morning and afternoon hours and cannot be used in the evening.

Buying Items:

1. In the Cobra Shop, you can purchase consumable items. It does not offer permanent upgrades or weapons (refer to the Weapon Shop app on your smartphone for those).
2. The items you buy can only be used during dives on the same day. They will disappear once you advance to the next day, even if you haven’t utilized them yet.
3. We recommend prioritizing items that are most useful for your current mission objectives, such as a larger oxygen tank or a spare capsule.
4. Some consumables can also be found as loot underwater. However, purchasing them from Cobra saves you time spent searching for underwater chests.

Selling Items at Cobra’s:

1. Use the separate Sell tab in the Cobra Shop to sell unwanted items from your inventory.
2. Only sell worthless items, such as a gold bar or a silver bowl. Their descriptions may suggest returning them to the Cobra Shop.
3. Do not sell items that have other purposes, such as flora and fauna, as they can be useful in the sushi bar or the EcoWatcher application.
4. Additionally, avoid selling crafting materials as they can be used to create new weapons or other valuable items.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is intended for general information purposes only. While we strive to present the information with utmost precision, we cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy, adequacy, validity, or reliability. Similarly, we cannot assure the complete availability of the information provided. No express or implied representations or warranties are made about the completeness of this information.


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