Dave the Diver How to prepare Shark Head?

Dave the Diver How to prepare Shark Head?

The Whole Roasted Shark Head dish is one of the more difficult dishes to prepare in Chapter 1 of the Dave the Diver game. Our guide compiles all the necessary steps – catching the shark and preparing and serving the dish at a sushi bar.

In chapter 1 of Dave the Diver, you may encounter a problem with preparing the Whole-Roasted Shark Head dish. On this guide page, we explain how to kill a shark and obtain a Shark Head, how to get Olive Oil and how to come up with the recipe and prepare it.

Unlocking the quest

Advance to chapter 1 – Traces of the Sea People. Wait for the Not Enough Workers quest to be unlocked.
Visit the sushi bar. Talk to Yoshie.
A mission objective will appear regarding the preparation and serving of the Whole-Roasted Shark Head dish. It requires 2 ingredients: Olive Oil and a Whitetip Reef Shark Head.

How to come up with the dish?

The game unlocks research in the Research tab in the restaurant. With them, you can unlock new dishes.
Choose Whole-Roasted Shark Head. To come up with the dish, you must spend 3x Artisan’s Flame. You get this resource at the end of each day of working at the sushi bar. You should have much more Artisan’s Flames than the required 3 pieces.
How to get Olive Oil?The easiest way to obtain Olive Oil is by completing the Tracking the Sea People quest, i.e. by finding the artifact of an ancient civilization at a depth of 70 meters. After returning to the surface, speak with Dr. Bacon. Olive Oil is one of the rewards for completing the quest.
Alternatively, you can look for the ingredient as loot while exploring the depths.

How to catch a shark and get a Whitetip Reefshark Head?

You have to locate the shark and the image above shows what it looks like.
Your task will be to kill the shark, and then cut off its head, which will be used to prepare a dish.
Before diving, make sure you have a firearm. You can use the Basic Underwater Rifle. You can also look for weapon upgrades along the way.
According to the hint received at the restaurant, go as far to the right as you can and then down. You should notice a swimming shark with a blue quest icon.
Use your weapon to attack the shark. If you are using a Basic Underwater Rifle, you may need to shoot the shark a few times.
Avoid the shark’s charges and if it catches you, quickly press the displayed button or key to avoid death. It’s best to quickly swim away when you see that the shark is preparing to charge.
If you run out of ammunition for the rifle, wait for the shark to charge and, after dodging it, quickly swim up to the shark to attack with a melee weapon (preferably with something better than the basic knife).

After killing the shark, swim up to it and hold SPACE.

Wait until the hero gets the ingredient – Whitetip Reefshark Head. You can now go back to the surface.
How to research the dish?
Visit the restaurant in the evening hours. Do not open the sushi bar yet, just go to the Menu tab.
On the list of dishes, find the Whole-Roasted Shark Head and add this meal to the menu card.
Do not prepare other dishes that use a shark’s head, because you will lose this ingredient and have to dive again and kill another shark.
Open the sushi bar and serve customers.
Wait for the Whole-Roasted Shark Head dish to be ready and take the dish to Yoshie.
Talk to him and you will unlock the mechanic of searching for and hiring workers to help in the restaurant.

FAQs: Preparing Shark Head in Dave the Diver

Q: How do I prepare Shark Head in Dave the Diver?
A: Preparing Shark Head in Dave the Diver involves specific steps. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding preparing Shark Head:

Q: Where do I find a Shark Head?
A: To obtain a Shark Head, you need to defeat a shark while diving. Sharks can be found in various locations within the game’s underwater environment.

Q: How do I defeat a shark?
A: Defeating a shark requires using appropriate weapons and tactics. Harpoons and other powerful weapons are effective against sharks. Aim for their weak spots and attack them until they are defeated.

Q: Once I have a Shark Head, what do I do with it?
A: After obtaining a Shark Head, you can use it as an ingredient for certain dishes in the sushi bar. Interact with the sushi bar’s menu and look for recipes that include Shark Head as an ingredient.

Q: Are there any specific recipes or dishes that use Shark Head?
A: Yes, Shark Head is often used as a key ingredient in dishes such as Shark Head Soup or Shark Head Stew. These recipes can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Q: What are the benefits or rewards of preparing Shark Head dishes?
A: Preparing Shark Head dishes can provide various benefits, including increased popularity for the sushi bar, higher earnings, and the satisfaction of completing challenging recipes.

Q: Are there any challenges or risks associated with preparing Shark Head?
A: The main challenge is obtaining a Shark Head by successfully defeating a shark. Sharks can be aggressive and pose a threat to the player, so it’s important to be well-prepared with appropriate weapons and tactics.

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