Dave the Diver How to increase oxygen supply?

Dave the Diver How to increase oxygen supply?


Increasing Oxygen Capacity and Replenishing Oxygen in Dave the Diver. Maximizing Dive Time: Oxygen Upgrades and Replenishment

In Dave the Diver, your time underwater is limited by your oxygen supply, which can quickly deplete and lead to an untimely demise. This guide page will explain how to permanently increase your base oxygen capacity, how to temporarily enhance it, and methods for replenishing oxygen underwater. Additionally, we’ll explore the functionality of the Sea People Bracelet, an artifact obtained during the main story.

Increasing Base Oxygen Capacity:

In the initial phase of Chapter 1, you will unlock the “Tracking the Sea People” quest, granting access to the IDiver app on your smartphone. This app enables equipment upgrades.
One available upgrade is the Air Tank, which, when activated, permanently increases your base oxygen capacity, allowing you to spend more time underwater.
Further upgrades require payment with gold, which can be earned through restaurant sections, quest completion, and selling items at Cobra’s shop.
Cobra’s shop offers a randomized stock, and you may occasionally find temporary oxygen capacity upgrades. These upgrades, such as the one shown in the screenshot, typically increase capacity by a percentage for a cost of gold.
Temporary items purchased from Cobra’s shop only work for one day and are lost when transitioning to the next day. However, they can still provide valuable boosts, so it’s advisable to utilize them if acquired.

Replenishing Oxygen Underwater:

During underwater sections, keep an eye out for oxygen (O2) stations, like the one depicted in the screenshot. Interacting with these stations replenishes your oxygen supply.
Another method is to use Oxygen Capsules, consumable items that can be found as loot in underwater chests or purchased from Cobra’s shop.
To activate an Oxygen Capsule, press the designated key (e.g., “C” on the keyboard) while it is in the active slot. This action replenishes 50% of your oxygen tank.
It is recommended to carry a supply of Oxygen Capsules for situations when you are deep underwater with limited oxygen remaining in your tank.

Functionality of the Sea People Bracelet:

Shortly after completing the “Beyond the Rock Pile” quest in Chapter 1, you will meet Dr. Bacon again on the boat. He will give you the Sea People Bracelet charm.
Visit the Diver Box on the boat to equip and activate charms. To benefit from the passive bonuses provided by charms, place them in active slots within the Diver Box.
The Sea People Bracelet, for instance, allows you to stay underwater for a longer period. It provides a survival time without oxygen, which may be sufficient to return to the Escape Pod or reach an oxygen replenishment spot.

FAQs: Increasing Oxygen Supply in Dave the Diver

Q: How can I increase my oxygen supply in Dave the Diver?
A: There are several ways to increase your oxygen supply in Dave the Diver:

Upgrade your Air Tank: Progress in the game and complete the “Tracking the Sea People” quest to unlock the IDiver app. Within the app, you can permanently increase your base oxygen capacity by upgrading your Air Tank.

Temporary Upgrades from Cobra’s Shop: Visit Cobra’s shop on the boat and check his stock. Occasionally, you may find temporary oxygen capacity upgrades available for purchase. These upgrades provide a boost to your oxygen capacity for a limited time.

Sea People Bracelet: Obtain the Sea People Bracelet charm from Dr. Bacon after completing the “Beyond the Rock Pile” quest. Equip the charm in the Diver Box on the boat to benefit from its passive bonuses, such as extended time underwater without oxygen.

Q: How can I replenish my oxygen underwater in Dave the Diver?
A: To replenish your oxygen underwater in Dave the Diver, you can use the following methods:

Oxygen Stations: Look out for oxygen (O2) stations during underwater sections. Interacting with these stations will replenish your oxygen supply, allowing you to continue diving.

Oxygen Capsules: Collect Oxygen Capsules as loot from underwater chests or purchase them from Cobra’s shop. These consumable items can be activated manually during your dive to replenish 50% of your oxygen tank.

Q: Can I sell items to increase my oxygen supply in Dave the Diver?
A: No, selling items does not directly increase your oxygen supply in Dave the Diver. However, selling items at Cobra’s shop can provide you with gold, which you can use to purchase temporary oxygen capacity upgrades or other useful items that may aid your dives.

Q: Are there any other ways to extend my dive time in Dave the Diver?
A: Besides increasing your oxygen supply, there are a few additional tips to extend your dive time in Dave the Diver:

Efficient Navigation: Plan your routes carefully to minimize unnecessary swimming and conserve oxygen. Optimize your path to reach objectives efficiently and avoid unnecessary detours.

Oxygen Management: Pay attention to your oxygen levels and avoid staying underwater longer than necessary. Return to oxygen stations or use Oxygen Capsules strategically to maintain an adequate oxygen supply.

Upgraded Equipment: Continuously upgrade your equipment, such as fins and suits, as they can provide additional benefits, including improved oxygen efficiency or extended dive time.

Utilize Charms and Artifacts: Equip and activate charms and artifacts, such as the Sea People Bracelet, to gain passive bonuses that can enhance your diving capabilities, including extended time underwater.

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