Dave the Diver How to fish at night?

Dave the Diver How to fish at night?

In this guide, we will walk you through the initial daily schedule of Dave the Diver and provide instructions on how to unlock the option to fish and dive at night. Additionally, we will delve into a side mission called “A Noisy Customer” from chapter 2, where the hero’s objective is to catch a Moray Eel during nighttime.

Initial Daily Schedule in Dave the Diver

  1. Morning and Afternoon: Start diving for fishing and finding treasures.
  2. Evening: Visit the sushi bar to manage the restaurant, set the menu, and serve customers. Diving in the evening and at night is initially blocked.

How to Unlock Night Diving:

  1. Complete chapter 1 by defeating the Giant Squid boss, as described in a separate page of the guide.
  2. Retrieve the Pink Delivery Box from the boss’s lair and return to the surface. This will unlock the Deep Sea Headlamp.
  3. Interact with several NPCs in the sushi bar to advance to chapter 2 – “Into the Deep.” This initiates the main quest “Going Deeper,” which involves defeating John Watson, as explained on a separate page.
  4. Await a call from Bancho, who will inform the hero about a problematic customer, unlocking the side quest “A Noisy Customer.”
  5. Return to the sushi bar and speak with Otto, the customer wearing a hat.
  6. Receive the task of preparing a Moray Eel Curry, which requires a Moray Eel that only appears in the depths at night.
  7. From this point on, you can dive at night. Stand at the edge of the boat and jump into the water.
  8. Note that diving in the evening hours shortens the restaurant’s opening hours, potentially reducing your earnings.
  9. Dive at night to discover new species of fish and other attractions, but be cautious of new dangers.

Completing the “A Noisy Customer” Quest:

  1. Equip a good weapon before jumping into the water.
  2. Swim down after entering the water and locate the hostile Moray Eel, represented by a blue icon. Avoid its attacks and defeat it to collect pieces of fish.
  3. Return to the sushi bar in the evening hours and navigate to the menu tab. Locate the Moray Eel Curry dish on the list (ensure you choose the correct one among multiple dishes featuring eel).
  4. After preparing the menu, open the bar and wait for the chef to prepare the curry. Deliver the meal to Otto to trigger a conversation.
  5. The main reward for completing the quest is unlocking the Fish Farm location, where you can breed fish using fish eggs obtained from the sea depths.

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