Dave The Diver: A Satirical Twist on Anime Tropes

Ways Dave The Diver Parodies Anime Tropes

Dave The Diver, developed by MINTROCKET, is a casual RPG simulation that combines deep-sea exploration and running a sushi shop. Released on June 28, 2023, the game offers a unique gameplay experience that is both relaxing and addicting. One of the highlights of the game is its parody of beloved anime tropes, which adds humor and entertainment for gamers familiar with common anime themes.

The game follows the protagonist, Dave, as he dives into the mysterious Blue Hole during the day to search for high-quality ingredients. These ingredients are then used to serve customers and critics at the sushi restaurant he runs at night, providing them with the highest quality premium sushi.

One of the main attractions of Dave The Diver is how it incorporates various anime tropes into its storyline. The game features memorable characters like Bancho, Sato, Duff, and Maki, each representing different anime tropes and showcasing the developers’ creativity and attention to detail.

Bancho, the head chef of Bancho’s Sushi, embodies the Samurai Trope. He is a serious and passionate sushi chef who goes beyond traditional ingredients to provide customers with premium sushi. His cooking cutscenes reflect the sword-wielding trope commonly seen in anime, where seemingly unassuming characters reveal their true skill and strength when wielding a blade.

Sato, another character in the game, represents the Gotta-Catch-‘Em-All Trope. His outfit resembles an iconic anime figure known for “collecting them all.” This hints at the game’s inclusion of collectibles and side quests for completionists, where players collect digital trading cards corresponding to the creatures found in the Blue Hole.

Duff, a weapon specialist for Dave, embodies the Obsessive Otaku Trope. He displays his anime obsession through various anime girl-esque figures and a dakimakura (body pillow) depicting anime characters. Duff’s thin rectangular glasses allow for the implementation of the iconic glasses sheen often seen in anime to emphasize moments of passion, wit, and intelligence.

In addition to being an otaku, Duff also represents the Magical Girl Trope. Through the weapons he makes and upgrades, he transforms himself into a type of magical girl. This playful use of the trope adds to the game’s parody of various anime tropes.

Maki, an apprentice chef, depicts the Dandere Trope. She is shy and reserved, expressing herself through a puppet while her features remain mostly expressionless. This character type is reminiscent of Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club, who also uses a puppet to express themselves.

Critics play a significant role in the game as they doubt Bancho’s ability to create quality dishes. This leads Dave on numerous deep-diving quests to find ingredients and create exceptional dishes that leave the critics in a state of ecstasy. This portrayal of critics experiencing heavenly taste is similar to the depiction in anime such as Food Wars.

Overall, Dave The Diver offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience by combining deep-sea exploration and running a sushi shop. The game’s parody of beloved anime tropes adds humor and enjoyment for players familiar with common anime themes. The memorable characters like Bancho, Sato, Duff, and Maki showcase the developers’ creativity and attention to detail in incorporating these tropes into the game. Dave The Diver is available on Steam for macOS and Windows.


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