Cyberpunk 2077 Fixed: No More Flatline

Cyberpunk 2077 Flatlined: The Fix Is In


Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Causes of the Cyberpunk 2077 Flatlined Error
2.1 Check System Requirements
2.2 Corrupted Files
2.3 Overlay Tools
2.4 Enabled Debug Mode
2.5 Outdated GPU Driver
3. How to Fix the Cyberpunk 2077 Flatlined Error
3.1 Restart Your PC (pre-check)
3.2 Reinstall/Update Graphics Drivers
3.3 Check Minimum Requirements
3.4 Check Game Files
3.5 Disable Overlays

To get the best gaming experience, it is important to keep your drivers up to date. Outdated drivers can lead to poor performance and in-game errors. Cyberpunk 2077, an action RPG game, has faced many issues since its release, with the “flatlined” error being a common problem. This article will provide a DIY guide to fix the Cyberpunk 2077 crashing PC issue.

Causes of the Cyberpunk 2077 Flatlined Error:
There are several reasons why Cyberpunk 2077 may crash or “flatline” on startup. Some common causes include:

1. Check System Requirements: It is important to ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements to run the game. Check the game’s minimum requirements and compare them with your PC’s specifications using tools like “Can You Run It”.

2. Corrupted Files: Corrupted game files can cause the game to crash. Verify the integrity of the game files on platforms like GOG, Steam, or Epic Games.

3. Overlay Tools: In-game overlay software can cause crashes and glitches. Disable all in-game overlays, such as Steam’s overlays, and relaunch the game.

4. Enabled Debug Mode: Running multiple mods with the game on an Nvidia GPU may require enabling the Debug Mode in the Nvidia Control Panel to stabilize the game.

5. Outdated GPU Driver: If your PC lacks the necessary graphical dependencies to render Cyberpunk 2077, it may crash. Check for GPU driver updates using Device Manager or the Nvidia/AMD proprietary update tools.

How to Fix the Cyberpunk 2077 Flatlined Error:

1. Restart Your PC (pre-check): Restarting your PC is a basic workaround that can sometimes resolve crashing issues. Try restarting your PC and see if the error persists.

2. Reinstall/Update Graphics Drivers: Update your graphics drivers by accessing the Device Manager on Windows, selecting Display Adapters, and updating the driver. Consider using a third-party app like Outbyte Driver Updater for automatic driver updates.

3. Check Minimum Requirements: Ensure that your PC meets the game’s minimum requirements, including CPU, GPU, RAM, and operating system specifications.

4. Check Game Files: Verify the integrity of your game files on platforms like Steam, GOG, or Epic Games. Follow the specific steps provided by each platform to check and repair any corrupted files.

5. Disable Overlays: Disable in-game overlays, such as those in Steam, that can cause the game to crash. Access the settings in Steam, navigate to the “In-Game” tab, and disable all in-game features.

By following these steps, you can resolve the Cyberpunk 2077 flatlined error and enjoy a smoother gaming experience. Remember to always ensure that your PC meets the game’s minimum requirements and keep your drivers up to date.


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