Confirmed Games Utilizing Unreal Engine 5

## List of Games Confirmed to Utilize Unreal Engine 5

During the State of Unreal 2022 event, Epic Games announced the availability of Unreal Engine 5 for all game developers. This new version of the popular game engine is expected to see heavy usage as the current console generation develops. Unreal Engine 5 is praised for its advancements in crafting geometry, lighting, and animation, offering an unprecedented level of detail.

Several games have been confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5. Lyra, a multiplayer game, serves as a tool for developers to familiarize themselves with the engine’s mechanisms. Fortnite, the immensely popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, has also shifted to Unreal Engine 5, significantly enhancing its visual fidelity.

The Matrix Awakens, a tech demo released by Epic Games in partnership with The Coalition, showcases the potential of Unreal Engine 5. It allows players to experience iconic scenes from The Matrix franchise, although the gameplay is limited to quick-time events. Mortal Online 2, an MMORPG released in January 2022, plans to transition to Unreal Engine 5 once an appropriate build is available.

Cepheus Protocol, an indie real-time strategy game, began its transition to Unreal Engine 5 in 2022, resulting in improved visuals. I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue, an RPG centered around Jesus Christ, promises to recreate historical locations and incorporate miracles. The Bus, a driving simulator developed by TML-Studios, received an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, enhancing its visuals.

Layers of Fear, the final installment in Bloober Team’s horror trilogy, was entirely crafted in Unreal Engine 5. The game includes all previous content in remastered form and introduces new content in the Lighthouse Chapter, tying the trilogy together. Remnant 2, a Soulslike sequel developed by Gunfire Games, showcases the engine’s potential with its procedurally generated levels and enhanced geometric detail.

Immortals of Aveum, published by EA and developed by Ascendant Studios, is set to be the first AAA Unreal Engine 5 project. The game features a magic-based combat system and combines open areas with linear sections. Slender: The Arrival, developed by Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions, will receive a 10-year anniversary update in October 2023, implementing Unreal Engine 5 and transforming its aesthetic.

Overall, Unreal Engine 5 is making waves in the gaming industry with its advanced capabilities and is being utilized by both high-profile and indie developers to create visually stunning and immersive games. Players can expect an array of exciting titles in the coming years that harness the full potential of this powerful game engine.


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