Common Mistakes Made by Beginners Genshin Impact Yae Miko Guide

Common Beginner Mistakes in Genshin Impact: Yae Miko

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Yae Miko is an addition to the Electro characters in Genshin Impact. This Inazuma yokai is best utilized for her Elemental Skill damage, one that can grant decent numbers without Miko having to be on-field. The Kitsune’s Skill will deploy a Fox Turret called Sesshou Sakura. Three of these can exist on the field at one time.

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Since Sesshou Sakura is the main part of her playstyle, naturally, the errors people make also revolve around this ability. From deploying it wrong to not using it at all, here are a few mistakes players can make when using Yae Miko in Genshin Impact.
Updated on July 31, 2023, by Nahda Nabiilah: Building Electro units before and after Sumeru are two completely different missions in Genshin Impact. The new synergy between Electro and Dendro saves Electro units from falling off the Meta while introducing a new Element that can be equally effective defensively and offensively. Not only that, Dendro Reactions also save Elemental Mastery (EM) from being a useless stat in the game. Of course, all that makes this List worthy of an update since these changes make a lot of mistakes sounds like a good thing to have now.

8 Using Yae Miko’s Burst Wrong

Yae Miko’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact is really straightforward. It’s simply an ability to call down thunder and deal large damage to enemies in the area. However, before using it, players should remember to deploy Miko’s Sesshou Sakura first.
Each of her Fox Turrets will explode when Yae Miko uses her Elemental Burst, so players can end up dealing far higher damage compared to her Burst alone. For comparison, at level 10, her initial Burst damage has a 468% multiplier. But with three Sesshou Sakuras, the numbers accumulate to 2268%.

7 Not Using Elemental Skill After Casting Burst

The large damage addition is surely tempting, but players should remember that when a Sesshou Sakura explodes, they will be removed from the field. Luckily, Yae Miko’s first passive will restore one charge of her Skill when this happens. So players should end up with three Stacks of Fox Turrets once the Burst ends.
Now, to ensure Yae Miko continues dealing off-field damage, players should remember to deploy the Sesshou Sakura back. So her rotation would be: EEE Q EEE (three Skills, one Burst, and three Skills again).

6 Focusing On Yae Miko’s Elemental Burst Damage

Once accumulated, Yae Miko’s Elemental Burst damage seems like it’s the key feature of her kit. However, the true star of her ability is actually the Elemental Skill. Therefore, players shouldn’t build Yae Miko in Genshin Impact with items that enhance Elemental Burst Damage. For example, artifacts like Noblesse Oblige or Emblem of Severed Fate are not very optimal on the Guuji. Therefore, when leveling up Yae Miko’s talents, players should prioritize her Skill before Burst. Meanwhile, the Kitsune’s Normal Attack can be left unleveled.
The only condition where Yae’s Elemental Burst is more effective is when she’s sending down her thunder upon multiple enemies. Then, it’s safe to say it’s equal to or a little better than her Skill. Still, players should always prioritize her Elemental Skill since that’s where all her core gameplay comes from.

5 Not Having Three Sesshou Sakura At Once

Yae Miko’s Sesshou Sakura damage starts at level one, and it can go up to level three (four if players have C2 Yae Miko). To increase her Skill level, players simply have to deploy multiple Sesshou Sakura. As players need three Fox Turrets to reach max level, they should remember to always use all her stacks (EEE). From level one to four, the multiplier of Yae Miko’s Skill is almost doubled, while from one to three, the number increases by around 50%.
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Ensuring there are three Fox Turrets at once will also make it easier for players to time her Elemental Burst usage.

4 Deploying The Sesshou Sakura Incorrectly

While it’s true that players should deploy three Sesshou Sakura at once, they shouldn’t do this task mindlessly. The Turret’s level will only be enhanced when they’re summoned near another Fox. So if players use Yae Miko’s Elemental Skill too far from the existing Sesshou Sakura, they’ll find that the ability didn’t get enhanced properly.
For example, if players summon the three Fox Turrets while holding the button to move forward, they’ll find the ability to have levels two, three, and two (respectively). Meanwhile, if players deploy them near each other, the Sesshou Sakuras should all be level three. On the contrary, if players summon them too close to each other, the overlap may cause the existing Fox Turret to be destroyed instead.

3 Playing Yae Miko As A Main DPS

As pretty as Yae Miko’s Normal Attack animation is, it’s unfortunately not meant to be used. She has one of the lowest multipliers among Catalyst users, making her a poor choice to be a DPS. Even with the existence of a buffer like Kujou Sara, the Kitsune’s damage is still too underwhelming to be viable.
Therefore, when playing Yae Miko, it’s best if people stick to using her as a Sub-DPS. As a Catalyst user that has a stable Skill DoT, Travelers can also benefit from using the Guuji as buff support by using Hakushin Ring or Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and 4-Tenacity of the Millelith.

2 Ignoring Elemental Mastery

Since Yae Miko made her way into the Genshin Impact’s roster before Sumeru, it was hard to understand why her gameplay gets enhanced by Elemental Mastery. So, it was safe to completely ignore her EM and not touch it. However, now that Aggravate and Hyperbloom teams in Genshin Impact are among the best Meta teams, it’s essential to take Yae’s EM to the next level when building her.
In general, ATK is still better than EM, but Elemental Mastery is definitely more viable now. Players should also focus more on EM in cases where she can trigger other reactions like Hyperbloom on top of her regular Sesshou Sakura damage.

1 No Teaming Her Up With Dendro Units

Dendro and Electro have an amazing synergy, so pairing Yae Miko with characters like Nahida who can match Yae’s strong off-field application can help the team by creating an ongoing stream of Electro and Dendro Reactions in Genshin Impact.
The layers of Elemental Reactions they can work with Yae Miko are astonishing. First, when teaming Yae Miko with another Dendro unit, they will continuously trigger Quicken followed by Aggravate and Spread. Now, add a Hydro unit to the mixture and its Reaction with Dendro will trigger Bloom, which Yae can later turn into Hyperbloom and deal massive damage. If somehow the aura sequence is ruined, players can still expect Electro-Charged or Quicken to trigger, so it’s not entirely bad still.
Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.


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