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Cloud Recovery Server Authentication Failed ROG Ally, How to Fixed

Cloud Recovery Server Authentication Failed ROG Ally, How to Fixed

Check your internet connection and restart your ROG Ally

Before diving into specific solutions, perform these basic checks:
Test your internet connection using the Google Speed test on another device connected to the same network to verify its functionality and speed.
Restart your ROG Ally console, as some users have reported that this simple action resolved the issue.
Troubleshooting steps for Cloud Recovery Server Authentication Failed ROG Ally
Follow these steps to address the Cloud Recovery Server Authentication Failed issue on your ROG Ally:

Update the network driver:

Visit the Asus Driver & Tools page and select your ROG Ally model.
Choose Windows 11 as your operating system.
Download the latest network driver under the Networking section.
Install the driver on your ROG Ally following the provided instructions.

Disable network security features:

Access your router’s settings by entering its IP address in a browser.
Login using the router’s username and password.
Navigate to the Security settings under Advanced and set the Security Settings to “None.” Note: This makes your network more vulnerable, so consider reconfiguring your router to allow only the ROG Ally through these security settings.

Use a VPN:

If the issue is related to Asus server outages, using a reliable VPN can help you connect to a different server.
We recommend ExpressVPN, which offers servers in over 90 countries and provides 24-hour support.
Additional fixes:

Try connecting your ROG Ally to a different WiFi network or use a mobile hotspot as an alternative network solution.
Utilize a wired connection by connecting your console directly to the internet using an ethernet cable with a USB adapter.
Run the network test in BIOS, as some users have reported success in establishing a stable WiFi connection through this method.

Enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your ROG Ally

By following these solutions, you can overcome the Cloud Recovery Server Authentication Failed issue and enhance your gaming experience on the ROG Ally. If you encounter any further difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


Resolving the Cloud Recovery Server Authentication Failed problem on your ROG Ally can be achieved through various troubleshooting steps. Ensure your internet connection is stable, update your network driver, disable network security features, and consider using a VPN for an alternative server connection. With these fixes in place, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming on your ROG Ally handheld console.

If you encounter any issues or errors while playing your favorite games and require support, feel free to contact us here. Our team is always ready to assist you and ensure your gaming experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is intended for general information purposes only. While we strive to present the information with utmost precision, we cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy, adequacy, validity, or reliability. Similarly, we cannot assure the complete availability of the information provided. No express or implied representations or warranties are made about the completeness of this information.


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