Claims of Destiny 2’s Decline Debunked by Solid Data

Hard Data Proves Destiny 2’s Resilience

Destiny 2 has been facing a decline in its player base, but community members have presented data that challenges the severity of the situation. While Bungie’s reduced interaction with the community, as well as issues surrounding DLC release and microtransactions, have created unease among players, it may not be as serious as it initially appears.

The analysis of the impact of the Lightfall DLC on the franchise has been called into question by community members. They argue that the data shows the situation is not apocalyptic and has occurred in the past. One community member, Merzats, has provided a comprehensive analysis using SteamDB data to track seasonal player numbers on PC. This data suggests that the year of Lightfall is not as severe for the franchise as some believe.

The data provided by Merzats was then used by another community member, StrangelyOnPoint, to create a waterfall chart that depicts the changes in the game’s PC player base from the release of the Shadowkeep DLC onwards. The chart shows that similar situations have occurred in the past, unrelated to any external factors.

It is worth noting that the data only includes PC players and does not factor in PlayStation, Xbox, or Epic Games Store players. Therefore, the analysis is limited to a specific segment of the player base.

In conclusion, while Destiny 2 is currently facing challenges, the data suggests that the situation is not significantly worse than it has been in the past. The upcoming release of the next Raid and the highly anticipated Final Shape DLC may attract a large number of players back to the game. Destiny 2 is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

For more details, you can refer to the source: Forbes.


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