Best Religious Leader in Civilization 6

Civilization 6: Best Religious Civ and Leader

Achieving a religious victory in Civilization 6 hinges on selecting the appropriate civilization and leader for the task, and skillfully utilizing their unique strengths.

Playing to Strengths: Victory Conditions in Civilization 6

In Civilization 6, each nation and leader possesses its unique set of strengths and weaknesses, guiding them towards specific victory conditions. Successfully capitalizing on a chosen civilization’s advantages is the key to securing victory in one of Civ 6’s diverse paths, be it Domination, Culture, Diplomacy, Science, or Religion.

Russia’s Religious Prowess: Peter the Great’s Civilization

Among the various civilizations in Civ 6, Russia, led by Peter the Great, stands out as a religious powerhouse. Its exceptional Faith generation and effectiveness in deploying religious units make it a formidable force in spreading the true faith across the world.

The Lavra: Russia’s Unique District for Religious Dominance

Russia’s religious strength revolves around its unique District called the Lavra, inspired by real-world Lavras commonly found in Orthodox and Eastern Christian countries. In Civilization 6, the Lavra replaces the standard Holy Site District and offers a plethora of bonuses that not only enhance religious aspects but also influence Great Writers, Artists, and Musicians.

Ensuring an Early Religion: Russia’s Advantageous Bonuses

Two critical bonuses make the Lavra pivotal to Russia’s religious victory. Firstly, the Lavra costs only half the standard Production to build, granting Russia an early advantage in establishing religious infrastructure. Secondly, it generates double the amount of Great Prophet points, virtually ensuring that Russia secures one of the first religions on the map. This head-start proves crucial as it becomes easier to spread a religion to cities that do not already have one, giving Russia the opportunity to gain a significant lead in religious dominance.

With Russia’s adeptness in Faith generation and its distinct Lavra District, Peter the Great’s civilization is an outstanding choice for players aiming for a religious victory in Civilization 6.

Spread the Religion Civ 6
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Mother Russia: Strengthening Religious Dominance

Having secured a significant head-start in religious dominance with the Lavra, Russia must now capitalize on its gains by leveraging powerful religious units like Missionaries and Apostles. These units can be purchased at the Lavra using Faith, which is generated through various means, such as the District’s adjacency bonus, buildings, or tile improvements. Fortunately, Russia excels in this aspect, thanks to their unique ability, “Mother Russia.”

Mother Russia not only expands Russia’s territory by claiming additional tiles in newly settled cities but also bestows Tundra tiles with bonus Faith and Production. While the extent of this bonus may vary depending on the civilization’s starting location and surroundings, it can transform Russia into a faith generation powerhouse. This ability synergizes remarkably well with the “Dance of the Aurora” pantheon and the cultural wonder, “St. Basil’s Cathedral.”

Moreover, with the release of the “Gathering Storm” expansion, Russia received further Tundra-based bonuses, including immunity to Blizzards and a Blizzard weakness for invaders in their territory. These additions enhance Russia’s defensive capabilities and make their Tundra-heavy lands even more valuable for religious pursuits.

By effectively combining the Lavra, Mother Russia, and strategic pantheons and wonders, Russia solidifies its position as a formidable force in Civilization 6, excelling in religious dominance and securing victory through the power of faith.


1. Q: What is Civilization 6?

A: Civilization 6, often abbreviated as Civ 6, is a turn-based strategy game where players lead a civilization from ancient times to the modern era, aiming for various victory conditions.

2. Q: Which platforms is Civilization 6 available on?

A: Civilization 6 is available on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices.

3. Q: Can new players easily pick up Civilization 6?

A: Yes, Civilization 6 is beginner-friendly, offering a range of leaders suitable for newcomers and providing an enjoyable learning experience.

4. Q: What advantages does Russia offer in Civilization 6?

A: Russia has several advantages, including a unique District called the Lavra, which boosts Faith generation, and the “Mother Russia” ability, granting bonus Faith and Production from Tundra tiles.

5. Q: How do I generate Faith in Civilization 6?

A: Faith can be generated through various means, such as the adjacency bonus of the Lavra District, buildings, or tile improvements. Additionally, certain pantheons and wonders can enhance Faith generation for your civilization.


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